If you’ve been searching for a certain style of structure for your property or business, you’re in luck. We need just one consultation with you to start drafting up plans. At Master Designs, we believe in giving you exactly what you ask for — so we’ll work with you until we’re confident we can make that happen.

Consultation Process

Would you prefer your structure to have one floor or two? Is this a shed upgrade, or is it a new craft space for your hobbies? Once we know what you have in mind for both style and function, we can start making recommendations. Materials, architecture, design — everything is fully customizable to match your needs.


If you live near us, we’ll set everything up for you on your property. If not, don’t sweat it — we’ll assemble it here and send it your way. Choose the hassle-free way to get the structure you need by turning to the Master Designs team. We look forward to working with you.